The Cat Lady achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Chapter 1 Completed!

Complete the first chapter.

Follow the Maggots

Chapter 2 Completed!

Complete the second chapter.

I Listened

Chapter 3 Completed!

Complete the third chapter.

Chapter 4 Completed!

Complete the fourth chapter.

Chapter 5 Completed!

Complete the fifth chapter.

Chapter 6 Completed!

Complete the sixth chapter.

Chapter 7 Completed!

Complete the final chapter.


I'll Do It My Way

Sharp Scratch

A Lady With A Mace

The Great Reward

I Care About You

Go Fuck Yourself

A Ruthless Killer


How Very Cleaver

Monster In the Fog

You're Welcome

Scared of Dying



A Flower That Bent Towards the Sun