Lucius II achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 65 unknown)

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Kill a person.


Disable a religious item.

The boy has toys

Find 1 bobblehead.


Kick dead enemy head around.

Light up the blunt!

Kill a person with a blunt object.

Electric power!

Kill a person with electricity.

Back in black

Get Lucius's suit.

Your lips are venomous

Kill a person with Poison.

Fiery furnace

Kill a person with fire.

Double Homicide

Make a double kill.

Escape the ward

Complete first level.

This is blasphemy

Disable 5 religious items.

I want to ride my tricycle!

Find a tricycle and ride it.

Nun of that

Complete second level.

Melting pot

Kill a person with Acid.

Acidtrip done

Complete third level.

Smooth elevator

Kill a person by getting them to drop down to the elevator shaft.

I just called, to say, I will kill you

Make a succesfull Call.


Disable 10 religious items.

Under construction

Complete fourth level.


Touch four kids.

Hospitals are for pussies

Finish chapter 1.

Like a surgeon

Sabotage a heart transplant.

It's a toy story

Find 12 bobbleheads.


Use 5 different items with mindcontrol.

Nailed it!

Kill a person with a nailgun.

Ludlow is too small for me

Complete sixth level.

Rob Bery

Steal money from Ludlow.


Pick Up a beachball.

Trumpets filled with water

Complete seventh level.

Put your lights off

Complete eight level.

Splitting headache

Split a persons head with a circular saw.

Corn king killed

Complete ninth level.


Create a homemade bomb from fertilizer.

Ted Bundy

Kill more than three persons in a row.

Holy diver

Make a person mad.

Finally it's done

Complete the game.


Decapitate an enemy 6 times.

Developers deserve to die!

Kill passangers from the bus.

Wobble wobble

Find 25 bobbleheads.


Use 4 vending machines to acquire goods.

Thanks for smoking

Attract enemy attention 5 times with smokes.

Patience is a virtue

Kill 3 people with the pressure chamber.

Sleepy hollow

Kill everyone at Ludlow.

I remember when I lost my mind

Use chainsaw to kill an enemy.


Attack and kill 5 persons with mindcontrol.


Use bees to kill an enemy.


You need to figure this one out yourself.

I'm just a lonely boy

Make someone else shoot you with a nailgun.

Hit & run!

Get run over by a car.

She's just looking for attention

Call Marla.

Is Ted really your friend?

Call Ted.

Don't fear the reaper

Kill 3 persons with a scythe.

These are the toys of my life

Find 40 bobbleheads.

Ludlow Chainsaw Massacre

Use chainsaw to kill an enemy in the final episode.

Out of gas

Explode a gas pump.


Witness a person getting ran over by a car.

Cannon fodder

Kill 3 people with firehydrant.

Problem Child

Kill everyone in every level.


Use a woodchipper to make minced meat.

Smoking kills

Kill 3 people by using the environment while they are having a smoke.

Hit, run and beat it!

Get run over by MJ.

King of bobbleheads

Find 60 bobbleheads.


Hit a person with sledgehammer.


Break 5 different items with mindcontrol.