We Happy Few achievement guide & roadmap



Single-player only

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

7 missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

Guide 15% complete - please help finish it



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Story, Unmissable,

Completed Arthur's intro

Mother of All Victories

Completed "Band of Brothers" encounter

Not In Kansas Any More

Crossed into the Village for the first time

Snug as a Bug on a Drug

Objective, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Took the Joy at the very beginning of the game

There's a choice right at the beginning - take the Joy. As its so close to the beginning you can do this again in 5 mins if you took the other path the first time through.

That Kind Of Game

Retrieved the credentials from the club

Employee of the month

Read all newspaper articles as Arthur, and redacted only the uncomfortable ones

The Great Lubricator

Delivered the cod liver oil

Arthur Haste-ings

Objective, Missable,

You successfully took Phlash as Arthur

Can be found in any vending machine - just buy one and take it.

The Arthur Hastings

Story, Unmissable,

Finished Arthur's playthrough

Arthur's story is the first act - complete it to get the achievement.

Breaking Blackberry

Story, Unmissable,

Completed Sally intro

Gimme Shelter

Unlocked all of Arthur's shelters

Baby You're a Rich Man

Grind, Optional,

Gained £1000 from looting/bartering across playthroughs


Set foot on every island

A Bit of The Old Ultraviolence

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Killed 100 NPCs across all playthroughs

They must show "deceased", not just "unconscious"

The Wyrd Sisters

Completed the Crones encounter

The Toxic Ex

Story, Unmissable,

Completed speaking with Verloc at the Joy Factory

I Got Better

Contracted and cured the plague

The Sally Boyle

Story, Unmissable,

Finished Sally's playthrough

Bon Voyage

Story, Unmissable,

Completed Ollie's intro

Resistance is Futile

Talked to Johnny Bolton from the Secret Radio Room

Shocking Biology

Killed a guy named Ryan Andrews

Miss Byng is Indisposed

Story, Unmissable,

Completed "No Place Like Home" encounter

Enjoy the View

Correctly sabotaged Clive Birtwhistle's redactor work

The Importance of Not Being Seen

Objective, Missable,

Finished Mystery House without being spotted once

The Slaughterer's Apprentice

Finished all of the butcher's apprentice quests

Get the Float Out of Here

Story, Unmissable,

Completed "The Jack-o-Bean Club" encounter.

A Heavy Burden

Story, Unmissable,

Spread the Message

The Ollie Starkey

Story, Unmissable,

Finished Ollie's playthrough

Cat Burglar

All-the-things, Missable,

In Thomasina House - Collected all fake cats

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Sugar Daddy


Injected yourself with glucose 10 times

Now I Can Die Happy

Objective, Missable,

Died while overdosing on Joy

Find a Joy phone box and take 2-4 pills until you overfill your joy meter... ...then find somewhere for suicide like walking off a cliff to kill yourself.

Gotta Catch Them All!


Caught 40 butterflies with Sally's butterfly net

Hot on her Heels


Found all notes related to Prudence

Poor Viv

Complete Act 1

Queen Faraday

Complete Act 2

A Smashing Adventure

Complete the DLC


Complete Act 3

Don't You Have Somewhere Else To Be?

Survived 50 days

Our Prudent Friend


Listened to all the phone calls in the phoneboxes

Metal Guru

Kill 8 Robots in the Intro

Local Hero

Save all the Villagers

The Saint

Objective, Missable,

Completed the entire game without directly murdering anyone

This is the whole game (all acts)

You Do Know Jack

Collected all Uncle Jack Shows

Remember, Remember

Collectible, Missable,

Found all collectibles

I Love the Smell of Chloroform in the Mornin

Knocked out 50 NPCs with the Atomizer

Lighten Up


Used 25 lightning rods, playing as Ollie

Helter Smelter

Push 7 Robots Into the Smelter

Shouldn't These Be Red?

Destroy 50 Explosive Barrels


Pick Up All Lore Items


Get 100 Eye Shots