Dead Rising 3 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 115 unknown)

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Local Hero

Stranded survivor saved.

Zombie Killer

Killed 100 zombies.


5 blueprints collected.


Level 5 reached.


Chapter 0 completed.

A Little Ambition

Purchased one Attribute.

Zombie Butcher

Killed 1,000 zombies.


Chapter 1 completed.

Ladder Climber

Purchased 10 Attributes.


Chapter 2 completed.


Zhi defeated.


25 blueprints collected.


Albert defeated.


Created 5 combo vehicles.


20 vehicles collected in the vehicle lot.

Family Man

Chapter 3 completed.


50 blueprints collected.

Zombie Slayer

Killed 10,000 zombies.

Happy Camper

Chapter 4 completed.

Man of the People

15 stranded survivors saved.


Darlene defeated.


Level 25 reached.


Dylan defeated.

Day at the Museum

Chapter 5 completed.

T.I.O.D. Disciple

Created 50 combo weapons.

Help Wanted

5 survivors added to the survivor bulletin board.


Jherii defeated.

The Doctor is Out

Chapter 6 completed.

Be a Dick!

Joined a Co-op game.

Them's the Facts

The Facts completed.


Theodore defeated.


Completed 20 side missions.

Complete Package

Overtime completed.


Completed 10 PP Trials.


Kenny defeated!

Master Builder

100 blueprints collected.

Fashion Plate

100 clothing items collected in the clothing closet.


250 weapons collected in the weapons locker.


Maxed out a single attribute.


Level 50 reached.

Covering The Traces

Collect precious cargo

Cleaning House

Prep Base Camp for Bravo Team

Delivery Man

Collect Charlie's supplies

Eagle Has Landed

Locate the President

Master of Massacre

Killed 53,597 zombies.

Duty Or Death

Complete Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle

Gang Banger

Led a full survivor posse.

Talk It Out

Question Winnie

Hall Monitor

Defend the school

Live to Fight Again

Recover all Squad Members

Fly The Coop

Escaped Los Perdidos Police Department

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Survived Spider's trial

Duct Tape Master

Created every combo weapon.

Well Stocked

Collect special supplies for the Safe Zone


Interrogate Spec Ops

Angel Gets Her Wings

Complete Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel

Genius of Zombie Slaying

Killed 72,000 zombies.

Builder's Apprentice

Helped Torque build a special bike

Master Mechanic

Created every combo vehicle.

Hunter and the Hunted

All Captains defeated

Out With The Bad

All Bikers defeated

Hawg Heaven

Torque's surprise obtained

Fit to Lead

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising completed

Rest In Peace

Collect all Dog Tags

Hacking the Hacker

Nelson found

Almost Famous

Completed 25 PP Trials.


Source of military signal discovered

Kane's Last Words

Evidence collected

Agent of Justice

Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent completed

Certified Survivalist

25 Survival Training Bronze medals earned.

Nightmare Master

Chapter 7 completed in Nightmare Mode.

Survival Training Specialist

25 Survival Training Silver medals earned.

Counter Terrorist

Infect all Safe Zones

Left 100,004 Dead

Killed 100,004 zombies.

Survival Training Master

25 Survival Training Gold medals earned.

No Peeking!

Destroy all ZDC Cameras

Eyes in the Sky

Hack all ZDC Cameras

Bag of Chips

All ZDC Chips collected

Burn Baby Burn

Burn all propaganda Posters

Med Tech

Collect all Medical Supplies

The Finer Things

All bottles of Special Reserve Whiskey collected

Stick it to the Man

All Emergency Phones destroyed

Bootleg Operator

All Bootleg Zombrex collected

Add to The Collection

All Custom Motorcycles collected for Torque

Sworn to Protect

All Survivors rescued

Ashes to Ashes

All Biohazards burned

Guardian Angel

Rescue all Survivors

Prestige Hound

Completed all PP Trials.