Deadstone achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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First Blood

Dispatch 50 Enemies

Defending a Martian Colony 101

Place a Mine

Pocket Money

Earn 1,000 Credits


Dispatch 500 Enemies

Makeshift Defense

Place a Turret

Part Time Zombie Slayer

Earn 7,500 Credits


Dispatch 3,000 Enemies


Defend Deadstone With 3 Turrets

Full Time Zombie Slayer

Earn 25,000 Credits

Man's Worst Enemy

Dispatch 1,000 Infected Dogs

Disarming the Horde

Dispatch 250 Infected Marshalls


Achieve 2,000 Points in Survival Mode

Now You See Me

Dispatch 100 Phase Shamblers

Marineris Line

Defend Deadstone With 5 Turrets


Complete the Campaign on Casual Difficulty

Dereliction of Duty

Lose 12 or Fewer Colonists During a Campaign

Caught Napping

Lose 9 or Fewer Colonists During a Campaign

Destroyer Of Worlds

Dispatch 8,000 Enemies

Not on my Watch

Lose 6 or Fewer Colonists During a Campaign

Death Robot

Get a Mark IV Death Robot

Sheriff of Deadstone

Lose 3 or Fewer Colonists During a Campaign

A Legend in the Making

Lose 1 or Fewer Colonists During a Campaign

Sticks and Stones

Earn 500 Meta Credits


Complete the Campaign on Normal Difficulty


Achieve 5,000 Points in Survival Mode

Wages of Destruction

Earn 75,000 Credits


Complete the Campaign on Easy Difficulty


Complete the Campaign on Easy Difficulty

Colonist Militia Loadout

Earn 1,000 Meta Credits

Mercenary Armory

Earn 2,000 Meta Credits

Chain of Command

Dispatch 100 Command Infected

Bark! Bark! BOOM!

Dispatch 200 Dynamite Dogs


Use 100 Medkits

Combat Specialist

Achieve 10,000 Points in Survival Mode

Get Away From Me!

Use 250 Detpacks

Military Grade Hardware

Earn 5,000 Meta Credits

Mercenary Heart

Earn 200,000 Credits

This is Getting Ridiculous

Dispatch 25,000 Enemies

Special Forces Armament

Earn 10,000 Meta Credits

Son of Mars

Achieve 20,000 Points in Survival Mode

Death is a Profitable Business

Earn 500,000 Credits

Hardboiled Mercenary

Complete the Campaign on Hard Difficulty

Mars Incarnate

Achieve 30,000 Points in Survival Mode

Error: Kills > Martian Population

Dispatch 70,001 Enemies

Apocalyptic Ordanance

Earn 25,000 Meta Credits

Siege Tactician

Complete the Campaign on Extreme Difficulty

4 Star Badass

Complete the Campaign on Brutal Difficulty