Horizon Chase Turbo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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The First of Many

Finish a World Tour race

I Need a Bigger Garage

Unlock a Car

Pump my Ride

Install an upgrade in World Tour


Beat a ghost

That Was Close

Win a race with less than 0.1s of difference from the runner-up

Call Roadside Assistance

Lose a race running out of fuel


Finish a Tournament race

California Dreamer

Obtain 100% completion in California Cup

Carménère Taster

Obtain 100% completion in Chile Cup

Driver from Ipanema

Obtain 100% completion in Brazil Cup

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Install all upgrades in World Tour

Go-Kart Champion

Finish all Amateur Tournaments with gold


Obtain 100% completion in South Africa Cup


Win a race after running out of fuel

Can't Touch This

Win a race without hitting anything

God of Roads

Obtain 100% completion in Greece Cup


Run a total of 500 miles (800 km)

Round the Globe

Beat the World Tour


Accumulate 12000 points

The Iceman

Obtain 100% completion in Iceland Cup

Golden Passport

Beat the World Tour with gold in all races

Living Legend

Reach 1st in 20 consecutive races

Oil Tycoon

Obtain 100% completion in the United Arab Emirates Cup

Brave and Bold

Finish an Endurance race

Bollywood Star

Obtain 100% completion in India Cup

Crocodile Hunter

Obtain 100% completion in Australia Cup

Old Master

Obtain 100% completion in China Cup

Volcano Surfer

Obtain 100% completion in Hawaii Cup


Obtain 100% completion in Japan Cup

King of the World

Beat the World Tour with 100%


Finish Endurance 12 with gold


Reach 230 mph (370 km/h)

Getting Famous

Finish all Professional Tournaments with gold

Now Go Play Outside

Finish Endurance 36 with gold

Master of the Racetrack

Finish all Master Tournaments with gold

Look Mom, No Hands!

Finish Endurance 109 with gold