Kokurase - Episode 1 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Welcome to Hanesato

Start the game.

First phrase

Use a phrase for the first time.

First swap

Swap to a different person for the first time.

Request taken

Finish the first meeting of Kokurase.

Bald mission

Make the school statue bald.

Always tidy up

Put back all stuff in the broadcasting room.

Red threads jointed

Finish jointing of "red thread of fate".

Duck and cover

Hide Sakura from the view of Yoshimitsu.

Stealth master

Withstand in the locker room without being found.

Mission accomplished

Fulfill the request in any way.

Sign of storm

Finish the game.

Another romance

Encounter a beginning of love.

The second request

Take the request from Kotarou.

I remember well

Fall into a trap!

Perfect paperwork

Under the ghost

Temporary solution

Secret meeting

Friendship, effort, and victory

Love is victorious

Boss's monologue