HoD: On open seas achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Kill 50 enemies with your rifle.

The woodcutter

Chop down 50 trees.

Robin hood

The explorer

Complete the Kiana map.

The navigator

Complete the Caribbean map.

The cannibal slayer

Kill 15 cannibals.

The dungeon explorer

Complete 5 dungeons.


Save your first crew member.

The beginning

Build a raft.

You have earned it


Arrive at the first harbor.

New land

Travel to the Kiana world.

On a mission

Complete 10 minimaps.

Just getting started

Defeat the first boss.

It's a start

Get your first ship.

Hunter of the dead

Slay 30 skeletons.


Defeat 8 bosses.

Becoming a pirate

Sink 10 ships.


Kill 50 enemies with your sword.

All hands on deck