Janken Cards achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Win a game by columns

Keep Clear

Win 3:0 colums

Make a difference

Win by 1000 points

Top Scorer

Win a game by points


Win one game


Win 5:0 columns


Complete Adventure

Serial Winner

Win 10 games


Win a Tournament


Play 1 hour

Make a big difference

Win by 5'000 points


Unlock all avatars

All In

Score 15'000 points

Make a huge difference

Win by 10'000 points

Century Winner

Win 100 games

Super Stamina

Play 10 hours

Clean Adventurer

Complete Adventure withou loosing a life

Incredible Winner

Win 500 games

Mega Champion

Win 10 Tournaments

Master Adventurer

Complete 50 Adventures

Expert Adventurer

Complete 10 Adventures

Epic Champion

Win 50 Tournaments

Epic Stamina

Play 50 hours