Tropico 5 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 70 unknown)

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Heir And Now

Recognize a new heir


Build more than 2 000 meters of roads in a single game

Mine! All Mine!

Mine 100 000 ores and coal in a single game

Everlasting Colony

Rule for 100 months as a colonial governor

A New Dawn

A Barrel Of Monkeys

Earn $50 000 yearly revenue from Entertainment buildings

The Madness Of Crowds

Have more than 500 citizens in a single game

The Town Of Cityville

Build 150 buildings in a single game

Made In Tropico

Export 100 000 Luxury Goods

Dictatorship 101

Finish all tutorials

Agricultural Community

Have more than 20 Plantations, Hydroponic Farms, Factory Farms and Ranches in a single game

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Change the looks of a dynasty member

Let Them Eat Cake

Survive an uprising

History Will Absolve Me

Survive a rebel attack against the Palace

Putsch and Judy

Survive a Military Coup

Greasing Palms

Bribe a Faction Leader

Middle Manager Of The Revolution

Have managers in more than 15 buildings in a single game

Cause of Death

Execute a Rebel Leader


Issue 20 edicts in a single game

Pension Plan

Earn over $$200 000 Swiss bank account

Sheep For Wood

Have a fleet of 12 trade ships


Have 5 foreign powers in your Embassies at the same time

Extraordinary Popular Delusions

Have all happiness values above 50

... But To Take Part

Issue the "Host the Olympics" edict

Think Tanks

Have 5 Army Bases in a single game

The Great Mogul

Have 10 different industry buildings in a single game

Booked Solid

Have Slob, Family, Cultural, Eco and Wealthy tourists at the same time on the island


Have a dynasty member with a level 5 skill

Day 0

United States of Tropico

Finish a game with relations of 100 with the US

In Seventh Heaven

Reach overall happiness of 77

Tower Defense

Have 20 Guard Towers in a single game

Good Sportsmanship

Finish a multiplayer game

Fundamental Principles

Amend the Constitution 6 times in a single game


Advance to the Modern Era before the year 1960

Back to the Past

Naughty Docks

Connect a dock with that of another player

Presidente's Seven

Have 7 Dynasty members

Thanks for all the fish!

Have a fleet of 3 Fishing Trawlers

Leon Must Die!


The King of Pearls

Have 3 Oyster Farms and a Jewelry Workshop

The Black Pearl

Complete "Treasure Hunt"

For Science!

Research all technologies at least once before the year 2005 in a single game

The Bay Of Pigs

Survive an invasion from the USA

Offshore Haven

Have 5 superpowers in Offshore Offices

The Maltese Toucan

Complete mission 1

Catch me a Spy

Deal with 10 foreign spies in a single game


Expose secrets of 2 different superpowers in a single game

Do not press!

Fire missiles from a Nuclear Submarine during a battle against another player

From Tropico with love

Have 13 loyal spies at the same time

What Energy Crisis?

Produce and share 1 000 MW of power with another player

To Live In Interesting Times

Win a Sandbox game on an island with Relentless Disasters

Kill all Humans

Eliminate 20 undesirable citizens with drones


Have 1 of each waterborne buildings in a single playthrough

Surfin' Tropico!

Complete Waterborne campaign


Win a Sandbox game on a Tiny island


Have Ministry of Information, Dungeon and 10 Security Checkpoint

My Precious

Finish the Waterborne campaign with the Black Pearl in your possession

Big Brother

Have 5 Police Blimps

Presidente 007

Complete Espionage campaign

Project Beale

Win a multiplayer game by points


Win a multiplayer game by construction


Have 10 Floating Apartments and no residential buildings on land (excluding shacks)

The China Card

Successfully complete 5 trade routes with China in a single game

Friends With Benefits

Have relations higher than 90 with all factions in the Modern Era


Defeat Captain Plant in the final battle

It Prints Money!

Win a multiplayer game by money

The Silent Front

Complete a Sabotage action in multiplayer

The Greybar Hotel

Have 20 prisoners in Dungeons and Supermax Prisons