Blob From Space achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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You passed the tutorial, now let the game begin

Transform 10 times!

You're starting to learn the features of the game

Transform 25 times!

You have transformed 25 times!

100 Wall jumps Performed!

You're starting to learn the basics!


Collect 100 diamonds!

Transform 50 times!

You have transformed 50 times!

Transform 75 times!

You have transformed 75 times!

Transform 100 times!

You have transformed 100 times!

Transform 150 times!

You have transformed 150 times!

Transform 300 times!

You have transformed 300 times!

Transform 400 times!

You have transformed 400 times!

Transform 500 times!

You have transformed 500 times!

A collector!

Collect all diamonds in the tutorial and complete the tutorial within 1 minute

Master of transformations!

You have transformed 1000 times!

1000 Diamonds collected!

Good job!


Finish the game with only 1 life

It's all about the diamonds!

You have collected 2000 diamonds!

Fast learner

Complete the tutorial within 25 seconds

Jump, jump, jump around!

Jump in!

No WASD anymore!

Plug in a controller

Take it easy

Finish the very easy levels without dying

Challenge Accepted!

Get all the diamonds in the "Jumping Blocks" level.

Jumping legend

Some say Blob is still walljumping at this moment

You got style!

Collect the glasses

Welcome to the world of Blob

Finish the first few levels and get sucked into the multiverse

Meet Madescha

Say my name!

He's just a baby!?

The bounty hunter

Thank you for playing!

This is just the beginning

Friends from a different universe

Death of the hunter