Ballpoint Universe: Infinite achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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The Spring

Welcome to the Spring!


You are a good enough idea.

The Village

The hotspot for creativity!

Infinitely New

Passed Wave 8 in infinite mode.

Boot Camp

Completed "Training on the rocks" flawlessly!

Seed Splitter

Completed "Target Practice" flawlessly!

Infinitely Novice

Passed wave 16 in Infinite Mode.

Odd is Good

Completed "The Demented Doodles" flawlessly!

Log Stomper

Completed "The Battleship" flawlessly!


Completed "Treetop Battle" flawlessly!

Designated Driver

Completed "Brethren" flawlessly!


Completed "The Owls" flawlessly!

Elder's Wisdom

The elder revealed the truth of this age for you.

All Your Base

Completed "Counter Attack" flawlessly!

Infinite Apprentice

Passed wave 24 in Infinite Mode!

Angels and Demons

Completed "Defenders of the Elder" flawlessly!

Met the Boss

The boss of the logicians, your enemy?

The Monolith


Completed "Clearing a Path" flawlessly!

Face Off

Completed "Face Off" flawlessly!

Ship Stealer

Completed "Stolen Artifact" flawlessly!

The Infinite Journeyman

Passed wave 36 in Infinite Mode.

Dragon Dawn

Completed "Stone Dragon" flawlessly!

Knight Fighter

Completed "The Lost Fortress" flawlessly!

The Infinite Master

Passed wave 48 in Infinite Mode.

Infinitely Skilled

Passed wave 60 in Infinite Mode! Wow!

We didn't balance past wave 60.

Things might get weird from here.