Craft The World achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 80 unknown)

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Long way begin

Craft 1st item

Sinbad the pedestrian

One dwarf passed 1000 blocks


Survive in monsters wave


Kill 10 Goblins

Get your own skeleton in the cupboard

Collect 100 bones


Collect 100 zombie's brains

Chicken exterminator

Kill 10 chickens

Flying assistants

Cast imps


Build shelter with 100% comfort

Who needs elves!

Archers killed 100 foes

Even alone is a warrior!

One dwarf killed 100 foes

Total annihilation

Kill 50 Goblins


Build 10 machine-tools for items crafting at one level


Give beer to all dwarves

The worst that could happen

Kill 10 giant skeletons

Land holder

Complete 1st level of campaign


Spend 200 gold coins

Blood lust

Kill 10 monsters in 2 seconds


Collect 999 resources


Collect 999 resources


Travel to any biome


Craft 200 items at a time


Cook all dishes

Winter master

Complete 2nd level of campaign


Study more than 50 creatures


Use Magic Explosion spell 10 times

God Hand

Kill 100 monsters with your spells


Steal at least 100 items during 1 battle at the biome


Revive a dwarf from soul keeper

Underground king

Reach 14 level


Build a railway 100 blocks long


Read 100 books


Destroy 10 nests of giant ants at one level

True dwarf!

Collect 200 gold ore

More snails!

Convert 50 monsters into snails


Above 100 hours in the game

Tomb rider

Break the pyramid's sarcophagi


All dwarves should survive at a level

Sand master

Complete 3rd level of campaign

Creator of the public world

Create multiplayer server


Share resources with other players

Bad day

Giant mite killed a dwarf


Improve all dwarf's skills


Break 10 pyramid's blocks

Dungeon Keeper

Complete 4th level of campaign

World Keeper

Keep server online during 3 hours

Fortress Defender

Help to defend dwarves’ shelter during 3 hours in multiplayer game


Grab at least a half boost rooms at the biome

No one will help the green-skins!


Reach for 5 simultaneously open monsters portals

Burst of greed

Bring back from biome at least 1000 resources

I am a pharaoh

Build shelter inside a pyramid

Those born to dig can also fly

Great World Keeper

Keep server online during 12 hours

Professional Miner

Extract all minerals at one level

Two heads are better than none!

Don't even try to shout!

Kill 10 banshee

Total crafter

Craft all tech tree recipes

Castle Defender

Help to defend dwarves’ shelter during 12 hours in multiplayer game


Free 20 yetis from captivity

Defeat the animal within yourself

Hardcore man

Reach 12 level in hardcore mode

Worm hunter

Kill giant worm

Major Defender

Inflict maximum amount of damage to monsters for victory


Build up portal at your own server

Major Supplier

Share 1000 resources with other players

Free Builders

Play 5 hours in Creative mode

Epic defeat!

Lost multiplayer battle

Military Researcher

Open all technologies during one session in survival mode

Get strong together

Win 10 cooperative multiplayer battles

The Sphinx’s Riddle


Play 10 multiplayer battles


Avoid of damage main stockpile during multiplayer game

Hird of Dwarves

Level up one of the battle skills for 5 dwarves to maximum in multiplayer game

Great Explorer

Win 50 battles at biomes

Mercenaries exploiter

Use at least 50 mercenaries during 1 battle at the biome

Military Engineer

Build up portal at your own server at high level of difficulty

Monster from the Depths

You've been digested!

Your dwarf have died inside the Crookshanks

Alpha Dwarf

Win 20 PvP multiplayer battles


Create server with maximum number of active players