Of Carrots And Blood achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 85 unknown)

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Beginner Mutant Hunter

Kill 10 mutants

Medium Mutant Hunter

Kill 50 mutants

Baby Steps

Walk 1 km in total

Expert Mutant Hunter

Kill 200 mutants

Beginner Loser

Die 10 times in total

Hobby Jogger

Walk 5 km in total

Beginner Critter Hunter

Kill 5 critter

Beginner Ogre Hunter

Kill 5 ogres

Megaton Mutant Hunter

Kill 1,000 mutants

Over 9000!!!

Collect 9,001 brain pieces

Medium Loser

Die 25 times in total

Medium Critter Hunter

Kill 10 critter

Medium Ogre Hunter

Kill 10 ogres

Expert Critter Hunter

Kill 20 critter

Hobby Doctor

Revive your partner 10 times


Walk 42.2 km in total

First Kiss

Kiss your partner

Expert Loser

Die 50 times in total

Beginner Shadow Hunter

Kill 10 shadows

The Do-Gooder

Revive your partner 20 times

Drop It, Like It's Hot

Collect 30,000 brain pieces

Expert Ogre Hunter

Kill 25 ogres


Has a PhD in Banaknowledgy

Voodoo Boy

Thinks that needles are very calming


Stereotypical gamer with a deep sexy German voice

Megaton Critter Hunter

Kill 30 critter

Shadow Bunny

Dark magic brought this bunny back to life


Bro by day, duck by night

Agony Girl

Always in pain because of a soul infection


The daughter of Bibora the librarian


Fossil hunter with no respect for archeology


Pug life and professional cutie pie


Loves his hair too much


Sneaky and strong, but has a soft heart

The Healer

Revive your partner 30 times

Beginner Sucker Hunter

Kill 5 sucker

The Doctor

Revive your partner 40 times

Red Alert

Kill 5,000 enemies in total

Megaton Loser

Die 100 times in total

Make Love Not War

Kiss your partner 10 times

Ultraton Critter Hunter

Kill 50 critter

Megaton Ogre Hunter

Kill 50 ogres

The Nurse

Revive your partner 50 times

Around The Moon

Walk 10,920 km in total

Medium Sucker Hunter

Kill 10 sucker

Medium Shadow Hunter

Kill 50 shadows

Kaching Babling

Collect 100,000 brain pieces

Expert Sucker Hunter

Kill 20 sucker

Kissing Simulator 2016

Kiss your partner 20 times

Chinese Wall

Walk 21,196 km in total

Expert Shadow Hunter

Kill 100 shadows


Revive your partner 100 times

Megaton Sucker Hunter

Kill 30 sucker

Critical Hit

Kill 100 critter


Kiss your partner 30 times

Ultraton Ogre Hunter

Kill 100 ogres

Kenny McCormick

Die 200 times in total


Kill 10,000 enemies in total

Tobi Tinder

The shy pyromaniac shop keeper, who laughs a lot

Ultraton Mutant Hunter

Kill 10,000 mutants


Kiss your partner 40 times

Ultraton Sucker Hunter

Kill 50 sucker

Around The Earth

Walk 40,074 km in total

Megaton Shadow Hunter

Kill 200 shadows

Sexy Time

Kiss your partner 50 times

Ultraton Shadow Hunter

Kill 300 shadows

Mark Suckerberg

Kill 100 sucker

Quarter Millionaire

Collect 250,000 brain pieces


Kill 200 ogres

Dark Souled

Kill 500 shadows

Like A Boss

Defeat the final boss

Half Millionaire

Collect 500,000 brain pieces

Golden Ticket To Hell

Die 666 times in total

Slippery When Red

Kill 50,000 enemies in total

Double Kill

Defeat the final boss 2 times

Dr. Leo McGriffin

Unaccredited scientist gone mad, still lovable

Blood Thirsty

Kill 1,000 enemies in total

Almost Millionaire

Collect 999,999 brain pieces


Kill 100,000 enemies in total

Too Good For The Game

Kill 100,000 mutants

Multi Kill

Defeat the final boss 3 times


Kill 999,999 enemies in total

M-M-M-Monster Kill

Defeat the final boss 5 times

Ultra Kill

Defeat the final boss 4 times


Defeat the final boss 10 times