Alpacapaca Dash achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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You can shoot lasers you know?

Be killed by an enemy for the first time.


Let the Gauge go empty.

It's all about timing

Slay your first enemy.

Over The Rainbow

Reach the rainbow.

Monster Slayer

Slay 100 enemies.

Laser Expert

Shoot laser for 5 seconds.

Alpaca Fever!

Unlock all alpacas.

Hero of Justice

Slay 500 enemies.

Save The Goddess

Reach the imprisoned Goddess in any difficulty.

Laser Master

Shoot laser for 6 seconds.

World Conqueror

Get the last Upgrade.

Not Enough...

Fail to break the crystal in Easy Mode.

Love and Power!

Release the goddess from the crystal in Hard Mode.