Blade & Bones achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Now it begins

Learn about the ancient years


Communicate with someone

The Sin

Take your first common sword

What was that?

Deflect an enemy attack

Only Six left

Lose your first purity

Forgotten Techniques

Take your first combat style

Controlling the Sky

Use the clock for the first time

Ancient Knowledge

Watch an ancient glyph

First of many

Break a sword

Warm ground

Enter the Akunaa Desert

Mysterious Devices

Take your first Relic

Don’t break the Cycle

Acquire a purity you lost

A muddy road ahead

Enter the Forgotten Swamp

Old Energy

Acquire a Kuro

Cold promises

Enter the White Valley

Stronger and Faster

Take your first rare sword


Have only one purity left

Not what it seems

Enter the Bamboo Woods

They are not flasks!

Acquire a life fragment

Old Ropes and A Gold Sail

Set Sail?


Collect a Legendary Sword

As rare as it gets

Collect 5 rare swords

Another reality

Enter the Rift

All the paths

Collect all Relics

Easy Climb

Climb The First Tree


Activate all Kuros at least once

Friendship with blades and bullets

Reunite two friends

Breaking The Curse

Collect all the Legendary Swords

Ok, they work like flasks

Collect all life Fragments

What it is and what is going to be

Set the future of the Orins

The Heart of a True Warrior

Defeat a boss with only one purity left

We are going to need more swords

Break 20 swords

It will cost your soul

Complete a new game plus