Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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What Was The Point?

Spell a word that does zero damage

So Close!

Leave a monster with only one health

Showing Off

Finish a stage with full health

Crystal Conqueror

Spell a word containing two or more crystals

Sir Punch A Lot

Deal 10000 damage

Top Shelf!

Use 500 letters from the top row

Row Row Row Your Boat

Use an entire row in one word 3 times

See You in 'Sept'ember

Spell 10 seven-letter words

Pin Cushion

Take 10000 damage


Earn 29 stars


Use 25 plague tiles

In The Corner

Use 500 corner letters

Six Pack

Spell 50 six-letter words

Sir Punch A Bunch

Deal 25000 damage


Spell 3 words with no vowels

'Oct'oberfest (this is getting sad)

Spell 5 eight-letter words

Book Smart

Earn 1000 book XP

Open Sesame!

Open 10 treasure chests

Saving Up

Earn 15000 gems

Need A Pick Me Up?

Purchase 10 potions

My Precious

Use 100 crystals

Precision Striking

Defeat 5 monsters with exact damage

Knowledge Is Power

Reach max level with one book

Yay Everyday Royalty

Spell a word that contains two 'Y's

Tile Trouble

Lose from taking tile damage

Letter To The Editor

Use 5000 letters

It's a Bling Thing

Spend 25000 gems


Dodge 50 attacks


Purchase 5 books


Spell 200 double-letter words (ex: 'bubble')

It's BACON!!!!!!!!!!

Spell the word BACON

Eh Eee Eye Owe You

Use 2500 vowels

Swappy McSwappington

Swap all letters 50 times

You, The Master Of Unlocking

Open a treasure chest with no incorrect guesses

Show Me The Money

Bust apart 100 gem piles.

Quest King (or Queen!)

Complete 50 quests

Monster Masher

Defeat 250 monsters

All Plagued Out

Fill the entire board with plague tiles

We Have The Technology

Purchase 30 upgrades

Critically Acclaimed

Do 100 critical attacks

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

Spell 25 palindromes

Part Of The Way Dare

Earn 20 crystal stars

Spelling Bee Champ

Spell 2000 words


Earn 99 stars

Close Call

Beat a stage with only 1 health remaining

Honorary Bacon Bandit

Spell the word BANDITS

Printing Press

Fill the entire board with duplicator tiles

What're Ya Buyin'?

Purchase 50 merchant items in battle

Rock Star

Earn 120 stars

Walk Of Fame

Earn 40 crystal stars

I Wonder What Was Inside?

Fail to open 20 treasure chests

Born To Spell

Spell 3000 words