Lambda Wars Beta achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Win an Annihilation game.


Complete the Tutorial level.

Undetected Species

Kill Dog.

When The Pin Is Pulled...

As Rebels, kill 10 units with one grenade.


Build 20 Striders.

Come With Me!

Complete the mission for Abandoned.


Make your 50 very own zombies!


Kill 5 different units with one combine ball.

White Forest Do You Read?

Complete the mission for Radio Tower.

The Clash

Win a Combine vs Rebels game in a 4v4 match of Annihilation or Destroy HQ.

Heavy Artillery

Complete the mission for Valley.


Complete the mission for Waste.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Build 20 Dogs.

Suppression Of Dark Energy

Kill 300 units with Suppression Device in Annihilation or Destroy HQ game mode.

King of the Hill

Defeat 20 enemies in Annihilation games.

Friendly Fire!

Reprogram a Floor Turret with a Saboteur and kill an enemy unit with it.

They Will Never Make A Stalker Out Of Me!

Collect 50 Partisans together in Annihilation or Destroy HQ mode.


Win 20 Destroy HQ matches.

Annihilation Gladiator

Defeat 100 enemies in Annihilation games.

Wrecking Ball

Win 100 Destroy HQ matches.

Let's Watch Some Fireworks Go Kaboom!

Blow up 100 enemy buildings with Saboteurs in Destroy HQ or Annihilation mode.