Fit For a King achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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First Act of Supremacy

Reform the church.

The Prince 2

Get an evaluation of your rulership.

Fit for a King

Get a suit of gold.


Get assassinated.

Visions of the Future

Have a swashbuckling adventure.

Historical Fiction

Meet the leader of a distant land.

Henry the VIII I Am

Play an anachronistic song.

My Lovely Horse

Ride a horse.

What a Dowry

Marry a princess.

Field of the Cloth of Gold

Meet your rival at the summit.

You Won

Outspend your rival at the summit.

Full House

Fill your chamber with spouses.

The Silent Consort

Marry an inanimate object.

Fit for an Ape

Get a suit of gold for a monkey.

Level Up!

Father Bear

Full Dungeon

Fill your jail with prisoners.

Henry the Great

Delicious Tears

Make your rival cry.