Doom & Destiny Advanced achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 65 unknown)

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Left for Nerd

Reach Chapter 1

No Nerds No Party

Reach Chapter 2

Return of the Nerd

Reach Chapter 3

What's yours is mine

Thief: Steal a total of 1000 Golz and Resources

Nugget River

Use 200 Nuggets to upgrade classes

Nerd to the Bone

Reach Chapter 4

Operation Destiny

Reach Chapter 5

Secret Stumbler

Find 20 Secrets

Bronze Trinkets

Complete 10 Bronze Sidequests

Caution on your back

Thief: Use 60 Sneak attacks

Raiders of the Lost Artifact

Reach Chapter 6

Solomon Steel Inc.

Reach Chapter 7

Blue Screen of Doom

Reach Chapter 8

Cascade of Fragments

Use 100 Fragments to upgrade classes


Complete 10 Silver sidequests

Catch me if you can

Escape 10 Battles

Grand Theft Nerd

Reach Chapter 9

No Man's Land

Sorcerer: Kill 101 enemies with Multiple Attacks

Eye of the Noodle

Reach Chapter 10

Secret Hunter

Find 50 Secrets

A Trip to Demon's Island

Reach Chapter 11

All for Charity

Spend 10000 Gold in Battle

Counter-Attack Source

Warrior: Use 101 counter-attacks

The New One

Win 1 Online Battle

Level Capped

Reach Max Level with entire party

Save Our Souls

Cleric: Heal a total of 9'999 HP


Barbarian: Kill 1 YELLOW enemy with a single strike

Agent with Shield

Knight: Protect a friend 101 times

Golden Boy

Complete 10 Gold sidequests


Black Guard: Uses 20 time "Macabre Regeneration"

Dr. StrangeNerds

Reach Chapter 12

Traditional Cousine

Chef: Spend 1000 total Food Resources

Mamma Mia

Collect 1000 Food Resource from Pizzeria

Hell Calling

Black Guard: Inflict more than 666 damage with a single attack

3 is a Magic Number

Sorcerer: Kill 3 YELLOW enemies with an attack

Head Down

Win 6 Online Battle Consecutively


Buy a costume in Arena Shop

Never Say Never

Reach Silver Ladder

The Show Must Go On

Bard: Sing 123 songs

Last Resort

Win 1 Online Battle with only one character still alive


Fight 1 Online Battle with all characters in Cosplay

Low Battery

Win an Online Battle without Resource Perks


Win 20 Online Battles

Gran Finale

Reach Chapter 13

4 Hit Dice

Wizard: Send to sleep 99 enemies

Secret Master

Find 100 Secrets


Buy 1 Battleback in the Arena Shop


Spend 50 Doomstones in Arena Shop

Energy Drink

Knight: Absorb 100 HPs from an enemy attack

Faithful Friend

Ranger: Kill 99 enemies with a summoned pug in the party

Heavy Cooking

Chef: Inflict 1000 negative states to enemies

First Class

Reach Gold Ladder


Spend 100 Doomstones in the Arena Shop

Sold Out

Reach Full MP with all character in an Online Battle

So on and so forth

Fight 1 Online Battle with a total of 12 characters

Critic Right

Kill 255 GREEN enemies with Critic Attack

Philosopher's Stone

Wizard: Spend 99'999 MP

Beat Them All

Summoner: Defeat 25 summoners


Necromancer: Zombify 666 GREEN enemies

An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away

Kill 99 RED enemies with 2 or more negative states

Adept of the Reaper

Kill 9999 enemies

Heroes vs Rest of the World

Win 1 Online battle as Defender in "Stadium" Battleback


Barbarian: Kill 123 GREEN enemies with a base attack


Cleric: Kill 333 GREEN Un-Deads

Gems Tzunami

Use 50 Gems to upgrade classes