Learn to Fly 3 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Let me get high…

Reach an altitude of 5,000

Gotta Go Fast!

Reach a speed of 20mph. Launcher speed doesn't count!

Serious Air Time

Have a single flight lasting more than 20 seconds

Did My Time

Fly for a total of 300 seconds

Sideways Is The New Up

Fly horizontally for a distance of 10,000

Up, Up And Away!

Fly for a total altitude of 500,000

I'd buy that for a dollar

Make a total of 20 purchases

You Came Back!

Play the game for 2 real life days

Money Makin'

Earn a total of $50,000 (across all modes, cumulative)

Pocket Change

Have $10,000 in your wallet.

That'll buff out

Hit a total of 100 obstacles


Play for 50 in-game days.

Reach Out And Touch Space

Complete Story Mode

What do you mean "Ground"?

Fly for a total of 2500 seconds

Gotta Go Fasterest!

Reach a speed of 100mph. Launcher speed doesn't count!

I Will Go The Distance

Fly horizontally for a distance of 100,000

Life Savings

Have $150,000 in your wallet.

Who's Flightless Now?

Reach an altitude of 10,000 with the default body (empty) equipped.

Let me get higher…

Reach an altitude of 400,000

Bankers Hate Him!

Earn a total of $1,000,000 (across all modes, cumulative)

Around The World And Back

Beat Classic Mode.

Moon Breaker

Destroy the moon and prevent Goku from …wait what?

Hardcore Casual

Play for 200 in-game days.

I Live Here Now

Have a single flight lasting more than 200 seconds

Load Off My Shoulders

Beat Payload Mode.

To Infinity, And Beyond!

Fly for a total altitude of 20,000,000

Shopping Frenzy

Make a total of 200 purchases

Penguin in Space

Reach an altitude of 100,000 with the default body (empty) equipped.

Keepin' It Simple

Reach an altitude of 25,000 without launchers or boosts

You Call That Hidden?

Find all 4 hidden videos


Find the game hidden inside the game!

Simple Doesn't Mean Bad

Reach an altitude of 200,000 without launchers or boosts

Old School Fun, Not So Fun

Beat the highscore at Dodo Invaders

Did Space Just Get Farther?

Complete the game on Story Mode at 4,000,000 altitude

I Got One!

Hit 30 obstacles in a single flight

Like, WAY High

Reach an altitude of 5,000,000

I Can Do This With My Flippers Crossed

Complete Story Mode in 6 days or less

I can never count that high...

Reach an altitude of 10,000,000


Complete Story Mode at 4,000,000 in 13 days or less


Earn all in-game medals.