Ether Vapor Remaster achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Mid-air Circus

Shoot down 100 missiles in Scene 1.


Reduce LIBELLULIUM's life to 0 in its first appearance in Scene 2.

Unbending Will

Continue 10 times.

Daytime Shooting Star

Destroy the large fighter craft that appears in the second half of Scene 3.


Destroy 300 enemy craft with the WINDER:RADIATE.

Cross Counter

Repel the DUNKLEOSTEUS' Rocket Punch in Scene 5.

Track of Light

Clear the game.

Concentrated Fire

Fire the LOCK ON:CASCADE 30 times.

Stand Your Ground

Destroy 150 enemy craft with the GATLING:PIERCE.

Always at Full Power

Clear the game using the Overdrive Mode fighter.


Achieve an OVERKILL score over 20,000.

Giant Killer

Clear Boss Rush mode.

The Taming of the Shrew

Clear the game using the Extra fighter.

Killing Season

Score 108 hits in the Scene 6 Bonus Zone.


Total scores exceed 10,000,000.

Sitting Duck

Destroy 16 cannon turrets of the battleship in Scene 4.

1 Coin Clear

Clear the game without using a continue.

High Scorer

Total scores exceed 30,000,000.

Ace Pilot

Destroy 10,000 enemy craft.

Beyond Evolution

Clear Scene 7 without taking a hit.