Fight'N Rage achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Good Enough

Finish the game at Normal Difficulty.

One Credit Clear

Finish the game without use continues at Normal Difficulty or Harder.

Child's Play

Finish the game at Easy Difficulty.

More Than Good

Finish the game at Hard Difficulty.

Hardcore Player

Finish the game at Hardest Difficulty.

Mastered Gal

Get the Gal's Black Belt.


Finish the game playing at any Extra Speed.

Mastered Ricardo

Get the Ricardo's Black Belt.

Mastered F.Norris

Get the F.Norris' Black Belt.


Get All Characters.

Ending Completionist 25%

Discover the 25% of the Endings.

Complement Completionist

Get All Complements.

Gal Completionist

Get all Gal's Costumes.

Ricardo Completionist

Get all Ricardo's Costumes.

F.Norris Completionist

Get all F.Norris' Costumes.

Ending Completionist 50%

Discover the 50% of the Endings.

Time Attack Master

Get Rank S with All Characters at Time Attack Mode.

Score Attack Master

Get Rank S with All Characters at Score Attack Mode.

Ending Completionist 100%

Discover All the Endings.

Survival Master

Get Rank S with All Characters at Survival Mode.