Laser League achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Clean Up Crew

Win a match without the opposing team scoring a point (Online Play)

The First Step

Win a match (Online Play)

Making Waves

Level up for the first time

Team Carrier

Finish a match with the highest revive streak 5 times (Online Play)

Team Wrecker

Finish a match with the highest elimination streak 5 times (Online Play)

Coach Palmer's Pride

Complete the Tutorial


Eliminate 2 opponents with a single expanding Laser (Online Play)


Eliminate 1000 opponents (Online Play)


Reach level 10


Reach Mastery rank 2 with all base game Classes

Leading the Field

Finish a match as MVP 10 times (Online Play)

Team Player

Revive 500 teammates (Online Play)


Traverse 4 or more opposing Lasers in a single Ghost ability use (Online Play)


Activate 5000 Laser Nodes (Online Play)


Steal 4 or more Laser Lodes in a single Thief ability use (Online Play)

Major Leaguer

Win 50 matches (Online Play)


Slice 2 or more opponents in a single Blade ability use (Online Play)


Teleslice 2 or more opponents in a single Snipe ability use (Online Play)


Shock 3 or more opponents in a single Shock ability use (Online Play)

Decorated Champion

Reach Prestige rank 01


Hit 3 or more opponents in a single Smash ability use (Online Play)

Seasoned Pro

Reach level 20

The Real Laser Lord

Unlock all other Achievements

First Class

Reach Mastery rank 5 as any Class