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No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Surf's Up!

You got Synthia's photo!

Safety First

You got Ukuleila's photo!

Video Games, I Like Those

You got Midi's photo!

Mushroom Connoisseur

Brought all the mushrooms to the mycologist.

Shake it Like a Polaroid

You got Cymbelle's photo!

Your Clothes, Give Them To Me

You got Violina's photo!

They Took Our Jobs

You got Clef's photo!

I Want To Believe

You got Xyla's photo!

Hey Batter, Batter

You got Flam's photo!

The Show Must Go On

You got Keytara's photo!

X Marks the Spot

You got Trompette's photo!

Not For The Articles

Delivered all the photos to the magazine.

Record Collection

Obtain all in-game records.

Please State Your Emergency

Going Bananas!

You bought 10 bananas for some reason...

Quick as a Flash