Pressure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Defeated 4 enemies with one strike

King of the Sky

Defeated an airship

Beginners' (Bad) Luck

First checkpoint not accessed

Pressure Is Low…

Barely finished with pressure…

Click, Click, Boom

Defeated 1000 enemies

Finished Laying Pipes

Bad Pilot

Fell off a bridge ten times


Defeated 6 enemies with one strike

Geared up!

Got best buggy upgrade

Final Destination

Got Your Back

Helped out a friend

Easy, now…

Played 'Easy' Mode

Plan Balked

Clean as a whistle

Destroyed all enemies


Destroyed 8 enemies with one strike


Played the 'normal' way

Best Buds

Played game in co-op mode

Gun Jammin'

Passed on primary weapon

My Precious

Collected all coins

Die Hard

Never Died

The Hard Way

Played 'Absurd' Mode

Like A Boss

Got best rating in all levels