Miner Wars 2081 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Completed mission EAC Survey Site

Complete mission 1/31

Completed mission Barth’s moon

Complete mission 3/31

Completed mission Duncan’s Faith (Junkyard)

Complete mission 8/31

Completed mission Junkyard (Racing)

Complete mission 12/31

Completed mission Fort Valiant III. (Dungeons of Valiant)

Complete mission 17/31

Completed mission The Rift

Complete mission 21/31

Completed mission White Wolves Bio Research Lab

Complete mission 26/31

Completed mission Reichstag II.

Complete mission 27/31

Completed mission EAC Prison Reway

Complete mission 29/31 – rescue Marcus!

Ship Stanislav

Fly in ‘Stanislav’ ship (hint: this class of ship is used by Russians and Chinese)

Completed mission Alien G**e

Complete mission 31/31 – finish the campaign!

Secret Rooms

Find all 21 secret rooms (hint: majority of them are monitored by a remote camera)