Dino Eggs: Rebirth achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Let's Do Lunch

Get eaten by Dino Mom

Hot jump

Leap a flaming tar pit

Tarzan Tim

Jump across two spider threads


Save 3 babies of the same species at once

Emerald Dimetrodon

Find and save this rare baby in Outlands

Last Breath

Reach the time warp just before devolution

Tam the Fourth

Earn a bonus life

Egg Savior

Warp out with 30 or more eggs

Dino Savior

Warp out with 12 or more baby dinos

Emerald Parasaurolophus

Find and save this rare baby in Swamplands

Emerald Triceratops

Find and save this rare baby in Stone Age

Emerald Pteranodon

Find and save this rare baby in Ice Age

Hard Rock

Thwart Dino Mom with a boulder