TRI: Of Friendship and Madness achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Mountain Climber

Play through the tutorial mission.

Bearer of the TRI

Play through the first four Chapters.

Went Back and Looked Again

Behind the Curtain

More Statues than You Thought

Lucky Finder

Find all hidden idols in one level.

Even More Statues than You Thought

Walked Through a Wall

Wall Walker

Play through Chapter 5 to 8.


There Is No Sky

On Top

Addicted to Acid

Yes, It's a Teleporter

Light Bender

Play through Chapter 9 to 11.

Destroy All the Triangles

Caught a Dream

Mission Impossible

Up the Wall

Laser Pointer

Look Out

Find all hidden idols in three levels.

Kami Tamer

Play through Chapter 12 and 13.

The Fog Couldn't Stop You

One Door, Two Rooms

The Books Didn't Help

Odd God's World Expert

Play through Chapter 14 and 15.

Save a Fox

Complete TRI.

The Pillar's Secret

The Secret Secret Stash

Too Fast for Most

Master of the Reflected Light Ray

Letting It Through

The Light Shows the Way

In the Darkness No One Hears You Walking on Walls

So That's Where They Come From

Secret Exposer

Find all hidden idols in seven levels.

So Many Triangles

Only Two At A Time

The Big One

The Living Tumbleed

Treasure Hunter

Find all hidden idols in 14 levels.

Oops, You Forgot Something

Light Reflecter