Memoria achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Chapter One Complete

Complete Chapter One.


Turn the pig on the grill.

Causing tremors

Try to tear down the wall with the golem.

Chapter Two Complete

Complete Chapter Two.

Level Up

Defeat the spider.

Clumsy Oaf

Shards crack loudly.

Chapter Three Complete

Complete Chapter Three.


Ashes to ashes, stone to dust.

Chapter Four Complete

Complete Chapter Four.


Collect all elementals.

Chapter Five Complete

Complete Chapter Five.

Chapter Six Complete

Complete Chapter Six.


Give Bryda the wrong astral accumulator.

Chapter Seven Complete

Complete Chapter Seven.

Chapter Eight Complete

Complete Chapter Eight.

Being Kind

Give all items to Xerxes.

Phex Be With You

Find the fox within the labyrinth.

Finish Line

Make your decision.


Do you have the guts to start an argument?

The Journey's The Reward

The forest is my home.

Big Brother

Adjust the horns towards the spheres.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Does Bryda know who you really are?

Firun's Disciple

Catch the rabbit at the first try.

Master Detective

Find out who of the adventuring party lies at the first try.

A Gift Called Freedom

Make your decision.


Throw all items into the chasm.

Getting the job done

Do You Like Riddles?

A Knack For Spirits

Persuade the spirit of air to help you straight away.

Masterful Sneaker

Tread lightly.


Stone, dust, stone, dust.

Seek And Ye Shall Find

Find the Caverns of Fail.