Mustache in Hell achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Got a bone

Defeat Cereberus


Beat the first three areas of The Fall of Guilt with only the pistol

Super size, please

Defeat Ciacco


Got the Atari joystick

Why hurry?

Defeating Cerberus without sprinting

NES 85

Got the NES controller

Only with primary weapon

End the first five areas of the Tombs without using secondary weapon

Wilbur is sade :(

Defeat the giant spiders


Got the Genesis controller

Good Reader

Read all books

Don't release the Kraken

Defeat Kraken


Got the Game Boy


Got the SNES controller

Game Room

Got all controlles

Born to Raise Hell

Defeat Charon

Die Hard I

Don't die facing the Kraken


Reach the Cerberus without get a hit

Die Hard II

Don't die facing the Charon

Without cutting

Complete the Styx Waters without being hit by a saw