Morkredd achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Afraid of the dark

Got killed by a shadow

Working together

Started a co-op game

Pimple popper

Popped 50 pimples in The Meat

Spare no one

Squished all the worms

Team player

Completed the game with a friend

Rise up

Found a mural in The Mountain

Surviving The Prologue

Completed The Prologue without dying

Surviving The River

Completed The River without dying

Lone wolf

Completed the game alone

The plague

Found a mural in The River


Found a mural in The Meat

Tickling Feet

Disturbed all the legs

Puppet master

Found a mural in The Sewer

Faster and faster

Finished the game within 120 minutes


Found a mural in The Temple

Surviving The Sewer

Completed The Sewer without dying

Surviving The Mountain

Completed The Mountain without dying

Surviving The Temple

Completed The Temple without dying

Surviving The End

Completed The Meat without dying

Hard Core

Completed the whole game without dying


Found all the discoveries

Not of sound mind

Made noise with all the wind chimes