Mahjong World Contest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Sprinter cup (bronze)

Achieve x5 index

Student's certificate

Earn 30 stars

Lotus cup

Complete the blooming lotus hall

Mahjong tile (bronze)

Remove 1000 pairs of tiles

V.I.P. chip (bronze)

Earn 100.000 points

Specialist's certificate

Earn 60 stars

Crane cup

Complete the golden crane hall

Casino chip (bronze)

Use bonus 50 times

Bamboo cup

Complete the bamboo grove hall

Mahjong tile (silver)

Remove 5000 pairs of tiles

Champion cup (bronze)

Complete 30 levels with the highest score

Master's certificate

Earn 125 stars

Sprinter cup (silver)

Achieve x10 index

V.I.P. chip (silver)

Earn 500.000 points

Casino chip (silver)

Use bonus 100 times

Sakura cup

Complete the sakura branch hall

Professional's certificate

Earn 180 stars

Champion's certificate

Earn 240 stars

Champion cup (silver)

Complete 60 levels with the highest score

Phoenix cup

Complete the red phoenix hall

V.I.P. chip (gold)

Earn 1.000.000 points

Dragon cup

Complete the azure dragon hall

Mahjong tile (gold)

Remove 10000 pairs of tiles

Casino chip (gold)

Use bonus 250 times

Sprinter cup (gold)

Achieve x15 index

Champion cup (gold)

Complete all the levels with the highest score