Guild of Dungeoneering achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 49 unknown)

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A Chump Will Do

Win a quest with the Chump


Die at the same time as killing a monster

I Ain't Sayin You're A Gravedigger

Unlock the graveyard. You monster

Trophy Life

Unlock the trophy room


Without doing damage that turn, let a monster die to their own self-damage

Quicker Than Thee

Kill a monster with a quick attack while on 1 hp

Oi! You What?!

Win a quest with the Bruiser

Tough Fight

Beat a monster 1 level above yours

Win Streak

Win 10 battles in a single quest

Power Card

Use a level IV skill card in battle

Can't Block This!

Win a battle thanks to an unblockable attack overcoming a block

Cat Puns Are Clawesome

Win a quest with the Cat Burglar

Demands A Nicer Room

Win a quest with the Apprentice

Flawless Victory

Beat a monster without taking damage

How Are We Still Hiring?

Fill up your graveyard with at least 20 tombstones

[gleeful victory dance]

Win a quest with the Mime

Sound Investment

Earn 1000 gold with a single dungeoneer

Bumble In The Jungle

Reach the Azca Jungle

Dried Off And Dead

Beat Embro when he's dried off and powered up

No Dual Wielding?

Win a quest with the Ranger

Bath Bomb

Beat Embro before he dries off from his bath

I'm Gettin' Too Old For This S#!T

Win a quest with the Barbarian

Shift To Win

Win a quest with the Shapeshifter

I've Got An Ointment For That

Win a quest with the Alchemist

Mine. All Mine.

Reach the Dwarven Mining Conglomerate

Spoilt For Choice

Draw your entire deck into your hand

Fight Fire With Fire

Use the Ignite attack on a Fire Elemental

REALLY Tough Fight

Beat a monster 2 levels above yours

Skin Of Your Teeth

Kill a monster the same turn Tenacious saves your life

REALLY Sound Investment

Earn 5000 gold with a single dungeoneer

Righteously Right

Win a quest with the Most Holy Grail Knight

We Have The Technology

Win a quest with the Artificer

The Song Of My People

Win a quest with the Troubador

Massive Attack

Deal 10 or more damage in one attack

Who's Stupid Now?

Play Your Cards Right

Win a quest with the Cartomancer


Win a battle with four Stupidity cards in your deck

Ivory League Of Jerks

Complete the campaign. Take that Ivory League!

A Great Addition

Win a quest with the Mathemagician

Look At The Size Of This Thing

Make a dungeon of at least 50 connected tiles

Oooh, Sparkly!

Equip all of these at once: Arcane Wand, Shimmering Cloak, Sparkly Headband

Meeting With The Boss

Beat a boss without killing any monsters first

What Does Leader Do?

Defeat an opponent with Leader that is buffed by at least 4 health

The Chef

Equip all of these at once: Cooking Pot, Fork, Wooden Stool

Drinking Problem

Have 5 fountain effects stacked at once


You've Got Mail

Equip all of these at once: Mail Coif, Red Mail, Mace

The Hero You Deserve

Win 10 quests with a single Chump

There's A Graveyard?

Win the game without losing a dungeoneer