Gun-Running War Dogs achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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This IS business

Win 1 bargain

First for free

Win a gamble


21 at its best!


Break the contract

Crumbles become bigger

Get two stars rating

Say hello to my little friend!

Win a firefight

I want all the pie!

Get three stars rating

This way


Lose all cash on blackjack


Win 3 firefights in a row


Win 3 bargains in a row

Succesfully addicted

Win 3 games in a row

Lucky Maniac!

Win 5 firefights in a row

I always get

Viva las Vegas!

Win $100k

I see you through

Win 5 bargains in a row

You gotta be cheating

Win 5 games in a row


True gambler

Win $1kk

Almost there!

Reach level 7

Don't stop me now!

Reach level 6


I rule the streets!

Reach level 5

King of the world

Reach level 8

There you go

The Eye of Providence