Heroes of Loot 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Survive an Arena room


Complete your first Bestiary info

Dungeon crawler

Reach dungeon 10

Maze runner

Defeat a Minotaur

Elf level 5

Level up the Elf to level 5

Warrior level 5

Level up the Warrior to level 5


Enter a sewer level


Use an Afterlife rune

Valkyrie level 5

Level up the Valkyrie to level 5

Coin collector

Find a coin room

Tree hugger

Enter the Forest

The Cold

Enter the snow area

Fire fist

Use the Fire fist weapon

Soul sword

Use the Soul sword

Wizard level 5

Level up the Wizard to level 5

Magic book collector

Collect all shard of a magic spell

Thunder claw

Use the Thunder claw weapon

Dungeon lover

Reach dungeon 30

Loot master

Reach player status level 5

King Loot

Find King Loot's lair


Defeat a Scarab Queen


Complete all magic books


Collect all hero cards for Thief


Collect all hero cards for Barbarian


Collect all hero cards for Paladin


Collect all hero cards for Mage

Fire walker

Walk on fire

Dungeon tourist

Become level 10 player

Dungeon dweller

Become level 20 player


Complete your Bestiary

Quest master

Complete all quests at least once