This War of Mine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 55 unknown)

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Note: A bit of indulgence

Diary: Finished ransacking

Diary: Day 7

Diary: Shooting for five stars

Diary: First blood

Note: Bless the radio

Diary: Traces of lives

Diary: Hostel's open!

Note: Doubled the watch

Note: Creature comforts

Note: Distilled gold

Diary: Effing Snow

Epilogue: War is over

Diary: We Made A Stand

Diary: We've been everywhere

Diary: We Have Wintered

Diary: Back from the brink

Epilogue: We made it!

Note: Helping children

Diary: Patched up and ready to go

Diary: Miraculous recovery

Note: Avoid the worst

Note: Better days

Diary: Our own playground

Diary: Home Shelled Home

Diary: Our future

Note: Everybody got to learn

Diary: Bond for life

Diary: The Truth

Diary: Compassion

Diary: The doctor

Note: Street Art

Epilogue: Exodus

Note: No more tears

Note: The school of life

Diary: The Janitor

Note: He is back home

Note: Fortify

Diary: Thruthful

Diary: My dear Ruben

Epilogue: New life

Note: Roll-up master

Note: Burn'em all

Epilogue: All the way

Epilogue: Heir

Note: The Colonel

Note: Malik on duty

Diary: Good Neighbor

Diary: Fool the Crow

Diary: The Custodian

Epilogue: Remorse

Note: The Fence

Diary: Innocent children

Note: The truck is ready

Diary: You are a liar