Battle Group 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Carry On

Unlock a support ship

Use tape

Unlock an upgrade

Rank Recruit

Earn 10 stars

Personal Guarantee

Fight off the Talon's submarine

Rank Commander

Earn 20 stars

Now we're ready

Unlock a new primary ship

Weapons Ready

Fire 1,000 missiles

Rank Lieutenant

Earn 30 stars

Fear the Heavens

Use all 3 Satelite Strikes

Those are not Angels

Use all 3 Satelite Strikes 10 times each

Tango Down

Hit 1,000 targets

Rank Captain

Earn 50 stars

Sturdy Airliner

Watch the airliner fly away

Tactical Reloader

Reload 3 secondaries with one Reload

Rank Fleet Admiral

Earn 80 stars

Targets Neutralized

Take down 15 missiles with one EMP

Stay down

Fend off The Talon once more

Good Friends

Unock 4 support ships

Ship Shape

Unlock 4 primary ships

Cruise Missile killer

Destroy 500 Cruise Missiles

The Fleet

Unlock 8 ships in total

Frogfoot killer

Destroy 500 Frogfoot planes

Boghammer killer

Destroy 500 Suicide Boghammers

Hind killer

Destroy 500 Hind helicopters

Flanker killer

Destroy 500 Flanker planes

Cruise Missile massacre

Destroy 1,000 Cruise Missiles

Skyhawk killer

Destroy 500 Skyhawk planes

Frogfoot massacre

Destroy 1,000 Frogfot planes

Boghammer massacre

Destroy 1,000 Suicide Boghammers

Hind massacre

Destroy 1,000 Hind helicopters

Flanker massacre

Destroy 1,000 Flanker planes

Weapons Primed

Fire 10,000 missiles

Skyhawk massacre

Destroy 1,000 Skyhawk planes

Bogey Down

Hit 10,000 targets