Inside Me achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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The first wave

Survive the first wave


Kill Genetrix


Gather 100 energy

The second wave

Survive the second wave

The third wave

Survive the third wave


Kill Spiker


Blow up protective fields in main game

The forth wave

Survive the forth wave


Gather 300 energy


Kill Leviathan

Frozen Demoman

Freeze protective fields and blow them up in main game

Infected agent

Kill the infected agent

The fifth wave

Survive the fifth wave


Gather 500 energy

The sixth wave

Survive the sixth wave

The seventh wave

Survive the seventh wave

The dark side

Complete the dark level

The eighth wave

Survive the eighth wave

The tenth wave

Survive as long as you can

The ninth wave

Survive the ninth wave


Complete whole game without dying