Earth Overclocked achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 63 unknown)

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Slow Learner

Run into the instant death spikes

Slowing Distortion

Delay the Apocalypse by 150 seconds in one run

Rainbow Family

Defeat the Blob Bros.

I Can See Again!

Defeat a Sandstorm

King & Queen Rollers

Defeat the Royal Dillos

Mutant Plant

Defeat a Tree Monster

Human Insect

Defeat the rare Mothguy

Ninja Scientist

Score 50,000 with the Ninja Suit

The Experiments of Combat

Score 50,000 with the Scientist Suit

Delay the Inevitable

Delay the Apocalypse by 4 minutes in one run

Goat Feaster

Defeat the rare Chucab

Shouldn't Have Done That

Defeat the rare Benny


Defeat Zombakuto

Frozen to the Core

Defeat Frozen Bones

Giant Bat Deluxe

Defeat the Night Emperor

The King of Death

Defeat Skeleking


Defeat a Yeti


Defeat a Wumbo Blob

It's a Mystery to Us

Defeat Mystery


Defeat Zombakuto BW

Artificial Heart

Defeat a Crystal Heart

Mr. Crazy Man

Defeat Foreman Jack

Doomsday Comes Later

Delay the Apocalypse by 6 minutes in one run

Attractive Force

Score 50,000 with the Magnet Suit

Getting Sweaty

Score 50,000 with the Gym Suit


Defeat Meiun

Never Trust Them

Defeat one of Meiun's Advocates

Faceless and Skinny

Defeat the rare Slendy

Unknown Killer

Defeat the rare Jef


Defeat Treebot

Ninja Style

Finish a run in the Ninja Suit

Glimmering Wonder

Defeat the special Gold Blob

Mega Treasure

Collect all of the contents in the Mega Slot Chests

That Guy

Defeat the Soul of Raynald

Victory Hypothesis

Finish a run in the Scientist Suit

It Came From Above

Defeat Meteor Bob


Defeat a Bombcano

Positive Charge

Finish a run in the Magnet Suit

Mad Shepherd

Use the Sheep weapon on an enemy

Amazing Workout

Finish a run in the Gym Suit

Aim High

Score 200,000 points

First Aid Not Needed

In the Scientist suit, complete a run without using the revive potion

Time Anti-Paradox

Beat the final boss

With Time to Spare

Finish a run in under 15 in-game minutes


Weirdest Idea Ever

One Weapon Only

In the Ninja suit, defeat a boss without using either attack button

Heavy Load

In the Gym suit, defeat a boss with both weapons at full weight

Way of the Ninja

Finish Earth Unleashed in the Ninja Suit

OP MLG Purchase

Buy the most expensive weapon from a merchant

Lethal Mixture

Finish Earth Unleashed in the Scientist Suit

Living on the Edge

Learn Through Failure

Lose 50 runs

Incredible Stamina

Finish Earth Unleashed in the Gym Suit

The North Pole

Finish Earth Unleashed in the Magnet Suit

The Heart Complex

In the Magnet suit, have 15 hearts follow you at once

...Happy Birthday!

Speedrun Strats

Finish a run in under 12 in-game minutes

Divine Ownage

Distortion Is Too Slow

Finish a run in under 10 in-game minutes

Unlock All The Things

Yep. (only need the Singleplayer ones)


Take no damage in a run


Take no damage in a run in Earth Unleashed