ENKI achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Open sesame

Alchemists rejoice

Harvesting your blood

The grim reaper collects

Fluent in alchemy

Hieroglyphics is easy in comparison.

Hightech occultism

Science & Satan = bad news


Never visiting basements again.

Black Bible Scholar

The taint of hate lingers

Psychological profile

The past creeps into the present.

Better keep running

Safe, for now. Right?


Peace & Justice has been granted.

Summoning complete

I am become Death, Destroyer of worlds.

Morbid Collector

Search and you shall find

Bringing closure

These people aren’t missing anymore…

A clueless escape

You survived, but evil continues to chase you.

Cutting it close

Pushing your luck…


Not even prison could hold you.