Black Mesa achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Brownian Motion

Pass the toilet paper to the scientist in need.

Convection Refinement

Ruin the microwave casserole.

Gray Matter Propulsion

Headshot 20 enemies with the .357 magnum.

Prophylactic Suggested

Get overtaken by a Headcrab's ample anterior.

Caffeine Extraction

Perform surgical caffeine extraction from 20 machines.

Centripetal Attraction

Kill 20 enemies with the Hivehand.

Permeable Infrastructure

Use the alternate path in Office Complex.

Inflammatory Actions

Kill a Headcrab using fire.

Quantum Capacitance

Overcharge it anyway.

Proverbial Tinkerer

Interfere with the alarm and laptop in Anomalous Materials.

Dead Reckoning

Kill an Assassin with the .357 Magnum.

Premature Expulsion

Use an entire clip of Gluon ammo in one continuous shot.

Mega Hertz

Kill 5 enemies with one grenade.

Calculated Trajectory

Kill 10 Airborne Headcrabs using the Shotgun.

Universal Gravitation

Get killed by your own Snarks.

Resonance Procrastinator

Refuse to insert the specimen into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

Remote Detonation

Kill a Barnacle with a Satchel.

Nuclear Fishin'

Kill an Icthyosaur with either the Tau or Gluon.

Digital Wizardry

Kill 10 enemies with a reprogrammed Sentry.

Futile Resistance

Kill 10 enemies with Snarks.

Hyper Saturation Conundrum

Drown in Lambda Core's coolant.

Ethically Questionable

Conduct all of the questionable research experiments.

Unified Coupling Theorum

Help the Barnacle and Headcrab find true love.

Anti-Matter Over Mind

Kill a Controller without killing any of its mind-controlled Vortigaunt slaves.

Kinetic Repulsion

Kill a Marine with their own grenade.

Limitless Potential

Accept G-Man’s offer of employment.

Rare Specimen

Send the Hidden Hat to Xen.


Cook a Grenade for too long.

Rather an Anticlimax

Decline G-Man’s offer of employment.

Less Than Desirable Consequences

Die in the AMS Beam before starting the experiment.

PhD in Pacifism

Don't kill any Vortigaunts in the Borderworld.

Contest Propellant

Stealth Technology

Escape the Hangar in Surface Tension without alerting the Soldiers.

One Step Ahead

Kill 10 Enemies with Tripmines​​.

Our Brains And Your Brawn

Assemble all the possible Scientists and Guards at the end of Office Complex.

Gonad Glider

Get whacked into oblivion in the ledge fight.

Following the Rules

Orbital Trajectory

Skip the opening Xen island with a secret jump.​

Doctor’s Signature

Deliver the finishing blow to Gonarch with your Crowbar.

Black Mesa Decathlon Winner

Escape the Gargantua’s Lair without taking any damage from Gargantuas.

Specimen GG

Take out all three Healing Crystals in Nihilanth’s Chamber at the same time​.

Late for Work

Defeat Nihilanth in under 4 minutes.​

xen when

Unquestionably Ethical

The Plan

Laser Immunization

Complete Interloper without taking any laser damage.

The Rarest Specimen

Pepperoni Precipitation

Post-Mortem Interval

Find each member of the missing research teams.

Prolific Popper

Kill all Protozoans in the Borderworld.