Kill The Plumber achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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1UP Yours

Kill the plumber 9 times.

World 1 Done

Beat level 12.

Another Castle

Beat level 24.

No Stomping

Get stomped on level 1


Kill the plumber in level 4.

Castle Crusher

Beat level 36.


Beat level 11 in under 6 seconds

World 4 No More

Beat level 60.

Yosh's Island

Beat level 72.

100 Lives Lost

Kill the plumber 100 times.


Beat level 10 without jumping.

Must Kill

Kill the plumber on level 23 before the timer runs out.

Water Warlord

Beat level 84.

World 7 Beaten

Beat level 108.

Lost Levels

Get 108 stars in map 1.

Ice Climber

Beat level 120.

Green Cup

Beat level 48.

King Cold

Beat level 132.

Minus World

Get 108 stars in map 2.

250 Lives Lost

Kill the plumber 250 times.

Island Cup

Beat level 96.

Lost Levels 2

Get 108 stars in map 3.

Winter Cup

Beat level 144.


Get all 432 stars.

Green Champ

Beat speedrun 1 in under 4 minutes.

Island Champ

Beat speedrun 2 in under 5 minutes.

Winter Champ

Beat speedrun 3 in under 6 minutes.