Zafehouse: Diaries achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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A Week In Hell

Last seven days in No Survivors.

Clean Break

Successfully amputate the limb of an infected survivor.

Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrifice a survivor to the lynch mob.

Mob No More

Defeat all members of the lynch mob.

Hunter Hunted

Kill the super zombie with the hunter's help.

Family Dies

Defeat all of the girl's family.

Burn Rubber

Complete Road Kill with at least one survivor.

Patient Zero

Cure a survivor of the infection using the vaccine.

Road Trip

Complete Road Kill with five survivors.

Got To The Chopper

Complete Deadline with at least one survivor.

Fly Away With Me

Complete Deadline with five survivors.

Super What?

Kill the super zombie without the aid of the hunter.