Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 139 unknown)

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Arc Eternal Pioneer

Enter Arc Eternal

First Collector

Built first Collector

First Pulse Cannon

Built first Pulse Cannon

First Nullifier

Built first Nullifier

First Emitter

Destroy first Emitter

Training Wheels

Completed Tempus Story Mission

First Relay

Built first Relay

First Inhibitor

Destroy first Inhibitor

First Reactor

Built first Reactor

First Mortar

Built first Mortar


Destroy a built unit on purpose

First Sprayer

Built first Sprayer

First Ore Mine

Built first Ore Mine

Warp Ready

Completed Starsync Story Mission

First Beam

Built first Beam

First Terp

Built first Terp

First Siphon

Built first Siphon

First Spore Tower

Destroy first Spore Tower

First Strafer

Built first Strafer

First Bomber

Built first Bomber

Junior Officer

Completed Tiplex Story Mission

First Forge

Built first Forge

First Sniper

Built first Sniper

First Shield

Built first Shield

First Runner

Destroy first Runner

Mobility Award

Move a Command Node

First Runner Nest

Destroy first Runner Nest

First Guppy

Built first Guppy

First Bertha

Built first Bertha

Master Commander

Completed Chanson Story Mission

First Air Exclusion Tower

Destroy first Air Exclusion Tower

Runner Assassin

Destroy 500 Runners in a mission

Pulse Cannon Lover

Build 50 Pulse Cannons in a mission


Completed Vapen Story Mission

Peak of Good Living

Completed Meso Story Mission

Box Art Mission Master

Completed Krig Story Mission

Hawking Achievement

Fire the Singularity weapon

Colonial Space Pioneer

Enter Colonial Space


Win a mission by destroying only the inhibitor

Ejection Seat

Command Node recalled to orbit due to damage

Prospector Zone Pioneer

Enter Prospector Zone

Tormented Space Pioneer

Enter Tormented Space

Rain Man

Rain Anti-Creeper from orbit

Better Late Than Never

Completed Farbor Story Mission


Take more than 120 minutes to win a mission

Relay Lover

Build 100 Relays in a mission

Projects Pioneer

Enter Projects

First Thor

Built first Thor

Can't Touch This

Complete a non-tutorial story map without creeper damaging any unit

DMD Pioneer

Enter DMD

Dudley DoRight

Choose Skars in Arca Story Mission

Strategic Reserve

Store 1500 energy

Alpha Sector Pioneer

Enter Alpha Sector

Nullifier Lover

Build 20 Nullifiers in a mission

Happily Ever Before

Completed Arca Story Mission as Skars

Rainy Day Reserve

Store 2500 AC

Mortar Lover

Build 50 Mortars in a mission

Collector Lover

Build 300 Collectors in a mission

Failure Has Its Own Reward

Lose Farbor Story Mission

Shield Lover

Build 25 Shields in a mission


Build 2 Forges in a mission

Many Machines on Ix

Max all techs (10 on unlimited techs)

Reactor Lover

Build 200 Reactors in a mission

Terp Lover

Build 25 Terps in a mission

Unlimited Potential

Download a Colonial Space Map

Rotten Apple

Choose Loki in Arca Story Mission

Emitter Assassin

Destroy 20 Emitters in a mission

Strafer Lover

Build 50 Strafers in a mission

Guppy Lover

Build 20 Guppies in a mission

Bertha Lover

Build 25 Berthas in a mission

Nip in the Bud

Destroy a spore tower before it finishes building in Arc Eternal:Egos:Ruine

The Dark Lord

Completed Arca Story Mission as Loki

Beam Lover

Build 50 Beams in a mission

Runner Ender

Destroy 5000 Runners total

Varro Hale Award

Win 50 Missions

Ore Mine Lover

Build 15 Ore Mines in a mission

Spore Tower Assassin

Destroy 20 Spore Towers in a mission

Thor Lover

Build 5 Thors in a mission

Bomber Lover

Build 50 Bombers in a mission

Sprayer Lover

Build 50 Sprayers in a mission

Sniper Lover

Build 40 Snipers in a mission

Patton Would Be Proud

Completed Farbor Story Mission Early

Bertha Master

Build 200 Berthas total

Upwardly Mobile

Move a Command Node 10 times in a mission


Completed Alpha Sector:virgilw:Brain Mission


Finalized a Map

Air Exclusion Tower Assassin

Destroy 8 Air Exclusion Towers in a mission


Rate a Colonial Space Map

Runner Nest Assassin

Destroy 10 Runner Nests in a mission

MadMag's Mansion

Picked up key from MadMag's room


Released AC in Credits Mission

Reactor Master

Build 5000 Reactors total

Siphon Lover

Build 20 Siphons in a mission

Aliana Abraxis Award

Win 100 Missions

Collector Master

Build 10000 Collectors total

Nullifier Master

Build 750 Nullifiers total

Industrial Nightmare

Get energy production up to 2000

Wrath of the Gods

Fire more than twenty Artifacts of Odin in a mission

Pulse Cannon Master

Build 2500 Pulse Cannons total

Terp Master

Build 500 Terps total


Move a Command Node 50 times in a mission


Win a Prospector Zone mission with only Pulse Cannons and Nullifier weapons

Relay Master

Build 5000 Relays total

Size Matters

Completed Metroid in Alpha Sector:MadMag system

Emitter Ender

Destroy 1000 Emitters total

Beam Master

Build 1000 Beams total

Not gonna Vapen

Complete Arc Eternal:Frykt:Vapen without activating the field beam

Surgical Strike

Completed Arca Story Mission Early

Shield Master

Build 400 Shields total

Fire in the Hole

Win a Prospector Zone mission with only Mortars and Nullifier weapons

Born Leader

Score in the top 10 on a mission with at least 20 scores.

Mortar Master

Build 2500 Mortars total


Win Arc Eternal:Apex:Meso building no weapons other than nullifiers


Find all hidden areas in the Credits Mission

No Fly

Complete Arc Eternal:Navox:Flick without using Bombers or Strafers


Collected 100 AoO in Prospector Zone

Sprayer Master

Build 600 Sprayers total

Air Exclusion Tower Ender

Destroy 150 Air Exclusion Towers total

Strafer Master

Build 1000 Strafers total

Spore Tower Ender

Destroy 500 Spore Towers total

Runner Nest Ender

Destroy 200 Runner Nests total

Dax Joven Award

Win 250 Missions

Guppy Master

Build 500 Guppies total

Positronic Brain

Completed Alpha Sector:virgilw:Brain Mission in under 60 seconds

Ore Mine Master

Build 1000 Ore Mines total

Area Denial

Complete Arc Eternal:Egos:Chanson without the destruction of a Glider or a Glider Factory

Self Improvement

Improve score or time on an already played mission in Tormented Space

Unlimited Possibilities

Name a DMD Map

Bomber Master

Build 750 Bombers total

Fine Wine

Completed both missions in Alpha Sector:Grauniad system

Sniper Master

Build 600 Snipers total

Inhibitor Ender

Destroy 100 Inhibitors total


Destroyed 20 Inhibitors in Tormented Space

Siphon Master

Build 800 Siphons total

Thor Master

Build 100 Thors total

Forge Master

Build 400 Forges total

Uninhibited Nihilist

Destroyed 50 Inhibitors in Tormented Space

Dr. Jones

Collected 500 AoO in Prospector Zone

Machine Lover

Completed 100 DMD Missions