Farm Frenzy 4 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Golden pot

For earning 500 coins using the combo multiplier while playing one level

All in

For having no coins left at the end of the level.

Hard choices

For demolishing one building and constructing another one in its place

Serious business

For selling a full truckload of goods

Zoo's best friend

For selling 15 bears

Just for a minute

For playing Farm Frenzy 4 nonstop for one hour


For catching 50 products in the air


For saving over 10,000 coins while playing one level

Super busy!

For losing a product with a cat on the field and space available in the storehouse.


For sending 50 moles underground

Light finish

For selling every animal to complete a level

Golden child

For completing the tutorial with a gold ranking


For fully loading the storage five times in a row


For constructing a building and completely upgrading it

Baby Boom

For purchasing ten animals of one type in a row

Fast and full

For filling the storage 30 times

No gas wasted

For sending only fully loaded trucks to town while playing one level

Noah's Ark

For purchasing one animal of each type while playing one level

Farming vacation

For playing Farm Frenzy 4 nonstop for 12 hours

Human's best friends

For purchasing three dogs and three cats

Sold out

For completing a level with an empty storage


For unlocking every character

Iron curtain

For purchasing five dogs while playing one level

Master farmer

For completing the game

Here we go again

For completing one level more than five times.

Super shooter

For discovering all items which you can click on the level.

Livestock life

For purchasing five animals of each type while playing one level


For completely upgrading every building and vehicle while playing one level

"Well" done

For not allowing a single animal to starve while playing one level

Fields of gold

For completing every level with a gold ranking


For completing a level without touching a single product

Catcher in the sand

For completing every level without losing a single product


For losing 30 goods on each level due to the storage being full

Master collector

For collecting every collection once