Toy Soldiers: Complete achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Demolition Man

Call in Commando.

Concentrated Fire

Destroy an IFV before it unloads any units.

Brute Force

Destroy a turret with a Heavy Tank.

Shocking Results

Stop the hometown invasion in Basic Training.

Flying Pig

Defeat Zeppelin


Protect the fleet in Trouble at the Canal.

With Distinction

Earn 11 Decorations.

Like It Never Happened

Use Wavelist Rewind.

I Can't Get A Tone!

Use a Fighter's machine guns to destroy a Soviet Fighter.

A Job Well Done

Earn a Platinum medal.

A Few Loose Screws

Bring the Cold War to an end in Capitol Crisis.


Play any Minigame 3 times consecutively.

Coffin Nails

Complete the British Campaign

Clutch Repairs

Earn 5 Rescued! bonuses over any number of games.

The End Of An Odyssey

Destroy the Homer.


Survive more than 9 rounds in any Survival game.

The Might Of The Red Army

Destroy the Super Tank.

Highly Decorated

Earn 22 Decorations.

Land Ship

Defeat the K-Wagen

Aggressive Investment Strategy

Launch 4 Offensive Waves in any Versus game.

Mr. Roboto

Defeat RoboBob


Play any Survival game in Co-op mode.

Brass Hat

Complete the German Campaign

King of the Hill

Hold the contested build site at the end of a Versus game.

Heated Rivalry

Call in a Napalm Strike in any Versus game.

Throw A Seven

Complete any level in the British or German campaigns in Elite mode

In Sync

Earn 10 Assists in any Co-op game.

Effective Tactician

Earn a Platinum medal while playing on General.

In Memoriam

Find 15 Golden Dog Tags.

Counting Stacks

Find 15 Golden Babushka Dolls.


Complete Challenge Level 2 in every Minigame.

Broviet Russia

Play Co-op and earn a Platinum medal on any level in Elite mode.