The Book of Legends achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Kind Heart

The First Step

Play for an hour or more

Everybody Has to Start Somewhere

Complete a quest

Tough Luck, Melusine


No Fear

Basket Player


Time Waster

Great Idea

Never at a Disadvantage

Use Jordan's Balance of Power 30 or more times

No Ego

Yu and I

Indy Jones Syndrome

Find the Heart of Fire in the Temple of the Great Sleeper

Progressive Gamer

Complete 6 or more quests

No Pride Nor Luxury


No War


Richer Than A Queen

Obtain 100,000 gold or more

Ain't REALLY Taking Trick From You

Visionary Hero

Ain't Taking Trick From You

The Renegade

Ancient Hero

Bear Hug

Kill 100 or more enemies with bears

Hero from the North

Ain't Taking Plot Twist Either

The Dragon

Jordan Killing Machine

Make Jordan kill 1000 or more enemies

Masters of the World

Obtain 999,999 gold

Tiger Rampage

Kill 200 or more enemies with tigers

Poultry Lover

Gigaconda Hunter

Hold 12 or more Gigaconda skins at the same time

Legendary Hero

Brothers in Arms

Go through 2000 or more fights

TBOL Addict

Play for 50 hours or more

Abomination Hunter

Hold 6 or more Carbocoates

Patient Traveler

Never use go through until the game is completed

Master of Time

Finish the game in less than 20 hours

Life Achievement (Jasmine)

Life Achievement (Melusine)

Colyseum Champion

Succeed in the Colyseum 10 or more times

Legendary Samaritan

Complete all quests