Frankenstein: Master of Death achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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First Meeting

Meet Elizabeth

Sunken Vessel

Get into the hold of the sunken ship

Get Out Of The Way!

Get rid of the tiger


Explode the dynamite


Open the cage

Full Steam Ahead!

Feed coal into the fire of engine of the steam train

The Abyss

Cross the abyss


Go fishing

Not One Step Back

Walk past the monster

Say “Cheese!”

Use the camera


Repair the horse figurine

Jack of All Trades

Use the mold


Use the crossbow


Open all the safes

As Swift As An Arrow

Collect 3 objects within 3 seconds

Eagle Eye

Don’t skip any I-SPY game

That’s Not A Game!

Don’t skip any of the mini-games


Don’t search easy ways

Lightning Overlord

Collect 5 objects within 5 seconds

The Devil Is In The Details

Pay attention to the details