Animated Puzzles Star achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Complete tier 1

Repetitive puzzler

Complete a tier puzzle in all difficulties

Experienced puzzler

Complete all tiers

Upside down

Complete the "sunset house" puzzle upside down (Normal difficulty)

En garde

Begin a battle


Complete the dandelion puzzle like a checker board. Begins with top left corner. (Normal difficulty)

Horizontal Stripes

Complete the cow puzzle in stripes. Begin with top left corner. (Normal difficulty)

Master puzzler

Complete all tier puzzles with hard difficulty

Sleepy cat

Complete the "black cat" puzzle within 2 minutes. (Normal difficulty)

One-win wonder

Win a battle

Maniac puzzler

Complete all tier puzzles in all difficulties

I do this daily

Get a medal in Daily challenges

Shape shifter

Complete all tier puzzles with three different shapes of puzzle pieces

Daily champion

Get a diamond medal in Daily challenges